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  • Focus on the application of laser research in segmented industries
    One-stop laser solutions help industry development
  • Give each light just the right amount of power
    We are committed to using the laser "this light" to serve the industry, so that production can be cleaner and more efficient, so that life can be better because of science and technology
  • Technology benefits the masses
    With advanced laser solutions to help become "China's laser outstanding representative, world-class laser manufacturer"
Business segments
Provide one-stop laser industry solutions
Lithium battery
Electric drive
Solar power
Technical capability
High reliability product solutions help improve industrial performance
  • Laser R&D capability
    Domestic ultra high power industrial laser pioneer, core optical device self-produced, rich research and development experience
    Domestic and foreign patents
    > 480 items
  • Integrated solution capability
    Deep understanding of industry characteristics, software and hardware integration design capabilities, one-stop laser application configuration capabilities, turnkey engineering service capabilities
    One-stop solution
    Laser + optical components + system software
  • Technological capability
    Deep study of new energy lithium battery, photovoltaic, flat wire motor and other industries, familiar with the laser application of each process segment
    DOE test
    Industry process + laser application impact factor
Integrated service
Integrated services from product selection to process development and technical support
Laser and laser accessories selection service
Process development service
Technical support service
Project operation service
Solution configuration service
About BCX
Give each light just the right amount of power

To "science and technology to benefit the public" as the mission

Based on laser software, hardware products and industry laser solutions for the majority of industry users

Provide more high-end, smarter and greener laser applications.

Serving 600+ global industry leading companies
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